We are working together to promote healthy lifestyles in our communities. Together, we are partnering on:


1. Select topic: (CTSI1, Urban League, CFEI2)

Together with our partners each month, we identify a health topic and determine steps one can take to manage the area of health.

2. Getting the message out: (CFEI2)

Social media messaging, e-blasts, and tips are designed and customized for each platform to connect multiple generations to the monthly topics and community events. Posters, postcards, and ads are produced for distribution to the public. Pittsburgh Magazine offers weekly health tips online.

3. Supporting local organizations and events: (CFEI2 and 365 Community Partners)

Customized community newsletters combine the monthly health topic and local community health programs and services. 365 collateral are disseminated to partner organizations and locations throughout the community and churches add the health topics to their bulletins.

4. Supporting research: (CTSI1)

The New Pittsburgh Courier runs a full page on the health topic featuring research from the University of Pittsburgh CTSI1.

5. Education: (CTSI1 and Urban League)

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh hosts a monthly Lunch and Learn on the health topic with subject matter experts from CTSI1 responding to questions from the community. This event is open to the public.



  1. University of Pittsburgh Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
  2. UPMC Center for Engagement and Inclusion (CFEI)



 A commitment to educating the community on health and bringing awareness to research opportunities and results, brought together the University of Pittsburgh Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Community PARTners Core, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, and the New Pittsburgh Courier to produce a published monthly health page.


UPMC’s Center for Engagement and Inclusion expanded on this unique partnership by engaging more than 200 local community, educational, and business organizations to promote the monthly health topic and align services and offerings related to the five areas of health. Together, academics, community organizations, local media, elected officials (in the Hill District), and the area’s largest health provider are enhancing community health education and advocacy and increasing minority participation in clinical and translational research.


Our partnerships help us expand our efforts across the region, learn more about the needs of the community, and better coordinate health services and programs in the area. We welcome new partners to join our efforts in promoting healthy lifestyles in our communities!