Local, regional, and national organizations have come together to partner on the Healthy Communities 365 Initiative, to make the health of residents a priority in our communities. The Initiative is designed to encourage our neighbors to participate in available health services and programs throughout the year, so they can live healthy, happy lives. The benefits for the community are many: healthier, safer, more independent residents; reduced chronic disease; lower medical costs; and an enhanced quality of life that in turn promotes both regional health, and economic development.  

  Body – Physical and Nutritional Health keeps your body happy! Exercising, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water are some of the key components. To get started consider walking for 30 minutes 5 times per week, and drinking water instead of soda or juice throughout the day.

  Mind – Mental and Emotional Health is a state of well-being, not just outside, but also on the inside. Being mentally and emotionally healthy means you can deal with stress and other every day challenges. To get started consider reconnecting with an old friend, and trying one new thing each week.  

  Spirit – Spiritual Health means having direction and meaning in your life. It involves the development of positive morals, values, and ethics, and your personal piece of mind. To get started consider doing something nice (big or small) for someone else, and attending a service or talking to someone about your beliefs.  

  Home – Environmental Health includes all the things that surround you. Your house, your community, the air you breathe, and the water you drink! To get started consider disposing of hazardous chemicals (like household cleaners) properly, and checking you have working fire detectors in your home.  

  Money – Financial Health is about using your money in the best way possible, making smart investments and job goals, and saving for future expenses. Whether you are teaching your children about money, just starting your adult life, or nearing retirement, being smart with money is an invaluable skill. To get started consider developing a monthly budget, and exploring employment opportunities.